The institutional repository of the Scientific Research Commission (from Spanish, Comisión de Investigaciones Científicas) from the province of Buenos Aires, called CIC-DIGITAL, was created by the end of 2014 according to Resolution 1145/14 in order to collect, register, divulge, preserve and provide public access to the whole technological-scientific and academic production from the Institution. In addition to being an institutional digital archive, this repository assists researchers, support staff and scholars from CIC so that they can publish their work on the Internet, maximizing its diffusion and its impact while protecting it in the long term. The aforementioned resolution states that the repository will provide the whole technological-scientific production from the Scientific Research Commission of the province of Buenos Aires, including:
  • Reports from researchers, support staff and scholars
  • Graduate and post-graduate theses
  • Journal articles and scientific dissemination articles
  • Material published in congresses
  • Edited books and book chapters
  • Research projects
  • Technical reports
  • Patents
  • Institutional legislation (regulations, convocations, directory acts, resolutions, agreements and annual activity plans, among others)
All the material uploaded to the repository will be preserved in the long term and divulged freely and free from charge on the Internet following the open-access model.