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Integration of ROS and Tecnomatix for the Development of Digital Twins Based Decision-Making Systems for Smart Factories


Digital twins employs simulation in conjunction withvirtual environments and a variety of data coming from differentplant equipment and physical systems to continuously updatethe digital models of the world in a feedback loop schemeto facilitate the decision-making processes. The heterogeneityof existing hardware and software requires the developmentof software architectures able to deal with the informationexchange due to the integration and interaction of several systemcomponents and autonomous decision-making systems. In thiswork we propose the design and construction of a softwarearchitecture that integrates a manufacturing process simulatorwith the well-known robot operating system (ROS-RobotOperating System) to easily interchange information with anautonomous decision-making system. The proposal is tested withthe simulator Tecnomatix®and the freedistribution ROS Melodic.We present an instance of software architecture for a typicalcomplex case study of manufacturing plants and demonstrateits easy integration with an autonomous decision-making systembased on the reinforcement- learning paradigm.

Palabras clave
Digital Twin
Autonomous Decision System
Industry 4.0

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