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Las incrustaciones biológicas en el puerto de Mar del Plata, periodo 1966/67: primera parte


The present paper is the first part of a complete study about Mar del Plata port’s fouling communities. Besides biological aspects, ambiental factors and experiments on anticorrosive and antifouling paints were considered. An experimental raft was used for this purpose. Preliminary observations on the harbour benthic communities were made in order to establish its differences with those that are settled in the outer zones. The main difference observed is chiefly due to the low turbulence and organic pollution of the port’s water. Fouling organisms were collected on achrylic sanded panels immersed at different depths from the surface, being the maximun 2 meters. In this study two series of panels were used. The fouling process was recorded monthly during one year. The cumulative or long term panels were used in order to examine the fouling communities development from the beginning to the end of the experiment. These results will be informed in another paper.

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