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Evaluación del estado de conservación de pavimentos de hormigón de la ciudad de Bahía Blanca (provincia de Buenos Aires)

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Pavements from Bahía Blanca city were evaluated. The area is delimitated by Maldonado channel and railway tra- cks. It was covered an area of 33 km2 where only 18.7 % of the pavements are made with concrete. The condition of the slabs (structural failure, surface abrasión, shrinkage cracks, fissures by alkali-silica reaction), the condition of contractionjoints (or the lack of them) and the type of aggregate used were analyzed. Slabs requiring total replace - ment and slabs cut for the provisión of public Services were also evaluated. In cases where possible, samples were taken, and porosity, absorption and density were determined. In addition, studies with stereomicroscope were ca- rried out to characterize the fine and coarse aggregates, the State of the mortar, determining the presence of micro - cracks and neoformation producís. A statistical study was carried out on 15776 slabs, and it was concluded that 48.1% of them are damaged. Of this, 46.8% is due to structural failures, requiring a total replacement of 14%. It is common to observe surface abrasión in those with aggregates of greater size and especially, in the slabs of Street in- tersections. This is due to the abrasive effect of tralfic and inadequate drainage of rainwater that allows its accumu- lation on the pavement.

Palabras clave
concrete durability
alkali silica reaction

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