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Manufacture and testing of water-based tannic pretreatments

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The anticorrosive efficiency of the different coating systems depends to a great extent on the initial State of the metallic surface, since the best paints do not insure a lengthy protection when they are applied over a structure that is not adequately prepared In consequence, at present the treatment of the corroded surfaces continúes being a great challenge in spite of the modem existing methods, specially when the conditions do very expensive the total removal of oxides or is not practicable by diverse motives. In a previous work, the purification and the characterisation of tannins extracted from the heartwood of quebracho (Schinopsis sp.) were performed particularly with the objective ofknowing some inherent properties of the reaction between the tannins and the iron oxides. In the present work; severa1 water-based tarmic pretreatments acidified with orthophosphoric acid were formulated and manufactured at laboratory scale; results of tests carried out allowed to conclude that the application of the quoted tannic Solutions on a substratum with a mechanical preparation insufftcient to eliminóte the totality of the producís of corrosión, increased the useful Ufe of the applied coating system, delaying oxidation and in consequence the deterioration of the subsequent paint films.

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rusted Steel
coating system
practical adhesión
degree of rusting

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