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Anales CIDEPINT 1996

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- Effect of the paint application method on adhesión and corrosion resistance of an alkyd coated steel; P.R. Seré, DM. Santágata, CI. Elsner, AR. Di Sarli - Study of formulation variables of thermoplastic reflecting materials for traffic marking; AC. Aznar, JJ. Caprari, J.F. Meda, O. Slutzky - Chemical and electrochemical assessment of tannins and aqueous primers containing tannins; V.F. Vetere, R. Romagnoli - Dilute-solution viscosimetry and solution properties of colloidal polymers; J.I. Amalvy - Recent developments in miniemulsion polymerization; I. Aispurua, J. I. Amalvy, MJ. Barandiaran, J.C. de la Cal, J.M. Asua - Thermodynamic consideration of the retention mechanism in a poly(perfluoroalkyl ether) gas chromatographic stationary phase used in packed columns; R.C. Castells, L.M. Romero, AM. Nardillo - Activity coefficients of hydrocarbons at infinite dilution in di-n-octyltin dichloride. Comparison with results obtained in other alkyltin solvents; A.M. Nardillo, D.B. Soria, C.B.M. Castells, R.C. Castells - Thermodynamics of solutions of hydrocarbons in low molecular weight poly(isobutylene). A gas chromatographic study, R.C. Castells, L.M. Romero, A.M. Nardillo - Revisión sobre los aspectos biológicos del “fouling”; M.C. Pérez, M.E. Stupak - New trends in industrial painting; V.J.D. Rascio - Comparative corrosión behaviour of 55aluminiun-zinc alloy and zinc hot-dip coatings deposited on low carbón steel substrates; P.R. Seré, M. Zapponi, C.I. Elsner, A.R. Di Sarli - Reactive surfactants in heterophase polymerization of high performance polymers. VIH. Emulsión polymerization of alkyl sulfopropyl maléate polymerizable surfactants (surfmers) with styrene; H.A.S. Schoonbrood, MJ. Unzué, J.I. Amalvy, J.M. Asua - Gas chromatography of aliphatic amines on diatomaceous solid supports modified by adsorption and crosslinking of polyethyleneimines; A.M. Nardillo, R.C. Castells - Excess enthalpies of nitrous oxide + pentane at 308.15 and 313.15 K from 7.64 to 12.27 MPa; J.A.R. Renuncio, C. Pando, C. Menduiña, R.C. Castells - Separation of low-boiling pyridine bases by gas chromatography; M.C. Titon, A.M. Nardillo - Evaluation of the surface treatment effect on the corrosión performance of paint coated carbón steel; D.M. Santágata, P.R. Seré C.I. Elsner, A.R. Di Sarli

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