A Molecular Imprinted Polymer as a Flow-Through Optical Sensor for Oxazepam

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dc.title A Molecular Imprinted Polymer as a Flow-Through Optical Sensor for Oxazepam en
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dcterms.abstract A flow-through optosensing system for oxazepam recognition with fluorescence detection was performed by means of a molecular imprinted polymer based on its acid hydrolysis product, 2-amino-5-chlorobenzophenone. )e synthesis was conducted via a noncovalent imprinting methodology, using methacrylic acid as a functional monomer and ethylene glycol dimethacrylate as a cross-linking agent. Hydrolysis (types and concentration of acids), polymer retention capacity, binding properties, and elution (selectivity and reversibility) conditions were optimized. )e selected molecular imprinted polymer had a molar ratio composition of 1 : 6 : 45 (template : functional monomer : cross-linker). )e proposed method was applied to the determination of oxazepam in a pharmaceutical formulation. External standard calibration, standard additions calibration, and Youden’s calibration were carried out in order to evaluate constant and proportional errors due to the matrix. )e developed metabolite-based recognition system for benzodiazepines is an innovative procedure that could be followed in routine and quality control assays. en
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