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Catalogue of gene symbols for wheat: 2013-14 Supplement


This 2013 edition of the Catalogue of Gene Symbols for Wheat represents 45 years of curation of wheat genetic information which began with my appointment as Curator at the Third International Wheat Genetics Symposium held in Canberra, Australia, in 1968. Prior to that time there was a reference catalogue of 17 pages {047} published in Agronomy Journal. The current Catalogue exceeds 400 pages of information and references. The objective of this Catalogue is to have a document that is helpful to a wide range of people, from ‘coal-face’ researchers to extension workers, and even farmers. Different sections of the Catalogue were prepared in different ways and a major challenge for our Japanese colleagues has been to continue to evolve the database as new information became available and as older material became less relevant. Consensus maps are not yet adequately integrated with the Catalogue. As we adapt to the increasing universality of genetics across species, we must not lose track of our agricultural background and the fact that our main target organism is polyploid wheat. Farmers grow wheat! (Párrafo extraído a modo de resumen)

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Gene Nomenclature
Gene Symbols
Morphological and Physiological Traits
Recommended Rules

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