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Effect of the paint application method on adhesion and corrosion resistance of an alkyd coated steel

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The influence of the paint application method (spinning (Sn), rollering (R), brushing (B) and spraying (Sy)) on the behaviour of steel/alkyd coating/aqueous aggressive médium systems was analized. Experimental results obtained from electrochemical and standardized tests allowed to conclude that: a) all intact coated samples showed a high resistance to the strong aggressive médium of the salt spray cabinet; b) cross scribed ones only show corrosión at and cióse to the cross; c) from the electrochemicalpoint of view, the corrosión potential, ionic and charge transfer resistance evolution on immersion time suggests that the alkydpaint applied by the four different methods used have relatively goodprotective properties, in the order Sy > R s Sn > B, at the present environmental conditions.

Palabras clave
paint application methods
corrosión resistance
alkyd paint
carbón steel
salt spray test
electrochemical impedance

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