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Comunidades incrustantes de áreas costeras naturales del sur de la Provincia de Buenos Aires (Argentina)

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This work deais with the study of marine fouling communities of two Coastal localities of Buenos Aires Province. Sampling programme was carried out using artificial sampling substrates which were placed vertically on the intertidal and subtidal zone of Reta and Monte Hermoso shores. Both localities showed the dominance of the small mussel Brachidontes rodriguezi. Density of this species decreases towards the subtidal levels, while associated fauna density fluctuates with increasing depth. The studied localities show dijferences in some of their specific components and differ notably from fouling communities described for harbour oreas of the Buenos Aires Province. Associations between fouling samples are based on specific components and enviromental factors related with tidal levels.

Palabras clave
fouling communities
intertidal and subtidal

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