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Proposal of a Data Warehouse for Scholarly Institutions built on Institutional Repositories


A Data Warehouse (DW) is a tool that integrates and unifies information from multiple data sources available in an organization, and is used to assist decision making. In academic institutions, a Data Warehouse oriented to scientific and academic intellectual production could provide valuable information to understand, optimize and promote the processes involved in intellectual production, such as what type of resources are produced, in what areas research is conducted, who conducts this research, when the different resources are generated, what mechanisms are used to produce or disseminate the resources, and how they are used both internally and externally. Although there are many systems within academic institutions, this paper proposes to use the data sources that make up the institutional repositories to start developing a DW, due to the volume of information that can be handled, the reliability of the hosted data, the interoperability tools available and the services and infrastructure in the area.

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Data Warehouse
Repositorios institucionales
Business Intelligence

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