Elements of resource representation in institutional repositories: a bibliographic review


This review focuses on identifying how the literature studies the existing problems in the Resource Representation (RR) of Institutional Repositories (IR). RR is a process of recording in a persistent manner a set of data (metadata) as a synthesis and replacement of the "real" object, to allow its identification, retrieval and dissemination. RR is defined by certain elements: resources, metadata schema, storage and cataloging. On the other hand, IRs are based on functional processes according to the material that is deposited and the ISO 14.721 standard: ingest, storage, cataloging,indexing, search engine and browsing. The results of this review show that identifying the problems found in these elements and functional processes is not a subject of study for the researchers, which leads to a vacant area in this field, and in this way to solve some of the problems present in the RI, from the point of view of functional elements and processes.

Palabras clave
repositorios institucionales
ISO 14.721
resource representation

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