Mechanical, electrochemical and magnetic behaviour of duplex stainless steel for biomedical applications

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Mechanical, electrochemical and magnetic properties of duplex stainless steel were analysed to evaluate its use as biomaterial, comparing the results with those obtained for austenitic stainless steel. Yield and ultimate tensile strengths are almost twice in duplex stainless steel, being the values 870 MPa and 564 MPa, respectively. The electrochemical test revealed that this material has lower susceptibility to localised corrosion because of its greater passive range, 1 V from the open circuit potential, while the austenitic stainless steel exhibited a passive region of 0.370 V. Both steels behave as soft magnetic materials, however, duplex stainless steel has higher magnetic saturation and remanence, while austenitic stainless steel is more prone to heating when exposed to a magnetic field.

Palabras clave
Duplex stainless steel
Electrochemical and magnetic properties

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