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Assessment of zinc salicylate as antifouling product for marine coatings


The present research deals with the assessment of a new bioactive product obtained from salicylic acid, zinc salicylate (ZnSal), to be employed in antifouling coatings. ZnSal was obtained in the laboratory and the procedure to precipitate it was described. Preliminary assays were carried out in the laboratory to assess its potential use in an antifouling formulation. The bioactivity of ZnSal was assessed by means of the Artemia larvae test. In a second stage soluble matrix paints were prepared with two different binders: rosin / oleic acid and rosin / styrene-acrylate copolymer. Previous to the immersion in natural environments, the coatings leaching rate in artificial sea water was monitored. Finally, the antifouling efficiency of experimental coatings was evaluated at Mar del Plata harbor, in Argentina. The coating with ZnSal and rosin / oleic acid binder proved to have an acceptable efficiency for more than twelve months.

Palabras clave
zinc salicylate
antifouling coatings
leaching rate

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