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Thermodynamic consideration of the retention mechanism in a poly(perfluoroalkyl ether) gas chromatographic stationary phase used in packed columns

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Retention voluntes of fifteen hydrocarbons were measured in columns containing several concentrations of a commercial poly(perfluoroalkyl ether), Fomblin Y HVAC 140/13, as the stationary phase. Two different type ofpacking were studied: one ofthem employed pre-silylated Chromosorb P AW DMCS as the solid support, and the other type wasprepared by coating the stationary phase on Chromosorb P AW and silylating on-column. On-column silylated columns showed unequivocal symptoms of partial deactivation; retention volumes changed regularly with the contení of stationary phase in pre-silylated columns. Analysis of retention in pre-silylated columns indicates that a mixed mechanism (partition and adsorption on the gas-liquid interface) is operative. Systems hydrocarbon + perfluorocompound show pronounced positive deviations from the ideal behaviour that can be attributed to repulsión between the hydrocarbon and the perfluorocompund segments.

Palabras clave
Gas chromatography
Poly(perfluoroalkyl ether)
adsorption on liquid surfaces
mixed retention

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