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Geología de un cuerpo cuarzoso en el área de la Estación Pablo Acosta, partido de Azul, basamento del Sistema de Tandilia

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Among the several outcrops of the mainly Palaeoproterozoic igneous-metamorphic basement of the Tandilia System exposed near the Estación Pablo Acosta, a quartz body, associated to a NE-SO shear zone, was identified. Field work, petrologic and geochemical studies revealed that it was formed from a siliceous fluid generated by metamorphic differentiation during the Transamazonian orogeny. On the other hand, the high degree of quartz purity together with the estimated outcropping volume points out a potential importance for industrial commercialization of the mineralization. In addition, this research provides valuable information to the geological-genetic model for the Tandilia System of the Buenos Aires Province.

Palabras clave
Basamento paleoproterozoico
Buenos Aires
Cuerpo cuarzoso
Palaeoproterozoic basement
Quartz body

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