Diversity among strains of four Agrobacterium species isolated from diseased plants of blueberry (Vaccinium corymbosum) in Argentina.

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dc.title Diversity among strains of four Agrobacterium species isolated from diseased plants of blueberry (Vaccinium corymbosum) in Argentina. en
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dcterms.abstract The aim of this study was to isolate, identify and analyze the diversity of the causative agents of crown galls and hairy roots from symptomatic plants of<em>Vaccinium corymbossum</em>by means of biological, biochemical and molecular tools. All the bacteria isolated from blueberries (<em>n</em> = 78) were found to be<em>Agrobacterium</em>since they grew on three differential media, provoked cell and/or root proliferation on Kalanchoe, and contained a 730bp partial sequence that codes for virulence genes within the<em>vir</em>C operon found on Ti and/or Ri plasmids. Isolates were highly variable considering the ERIC-PCR patterns as well as biochemical reactions and were all represented by 7 different restriction patterns of the 16SrDNA. While most of the isolates belonged to<em>Agrobacterium</em>bv. 1 (<em>n</em> = 33) or<em>Agrobacterium</em>bv. 2 (<em>n</em> = 31) only fourteen were<em>Agrobacterium rubi.</em>A representative isolate of each of these three groups was further identified by sequencing the approximately 400bp 16SrDNA. We concluded that<em>Vaccinium</em>plants are particularly susceptible to<em>Agrobacterium</em>bv. 1,<em>Agrobacterium</em>bv. 2, and also to<em>Agrobacterium rubi.</em>To our knowledge this is the first survey of<em>Agrobacterium</em>affecting blueberries in Argentina. en
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dcterms.subject Agrobacterium tumefaciens en
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