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Vanadium Compounds

Their Action on Alkaline Phosphatase Activity
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The direct effect of different vanadium compounds upon alkaline phosphatase (ALP) activity was investigated~ Vanadate and vanadyl inhibited both the soluble and particulate ALP activity from UMR.106 cells and front bovine intestinal ALP. We have also shown the inhibition of ALP activity in the soluble fraction of osteoblasts by peroxo and hydroperoxo vanadium compounds. ALP activity in the particulate fraction was not inhibited by these species; nor was the bovine intestinal ALP. Using inhibitors of Tyr-phosphatase (PTPases), the soluble ALP was partially characterized as a PTPase. The major activity in the particulate fraction represents the bone-specific ALPactivity. This study demonstrates that different forms of vanadium are direct inhibitors of ALP activity. This effect is dependent on the enzymatic activity investigated and on the origin of the ALP.

Palabras clave
alkaline phosphatase
osteoblast cells
bone cells
inhibitory effects

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