Ionic exchange in groundwater hydrochemical evolution

Study case: the drainage basin of El Pescado creek (Buenos Aires province, Argentina)

The phreatic aquifer beneath the Pampean plain, in eastern central Argentina, constitutes a relevant source of water supply in the area. The objective of this work was to assess the significance of the cation exchange processes in the hydrochemical evolution of this aquifer, based on a study case located in the middle and upper basin of the El Pescado creek. Results indicate that Ca2+/Na+ exchange is the main process determining the evolution of groundwater from the recharge areas (Ca–HCO3) towards the local discharge areas (Na–HCO3), as well as representing a source of Na+ contribution to the water in the aquifer. This hydrochemical characteristic is central to the identification of local discharge areas within a plain environment which extends regionally. The ion exchange capacity of these discharge areas has environmental importance, due to its influence on groundwater quality and potential groundwater uses. These results may be applied to any aquifer sharing similar hydrogeological characteristics.

Palabras clave
base exchange
phreatic aquifer
groundwater recharge area
groundwater discharge area
pampean plain

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