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Spectral analysis o f the $latex 4d^{9}6s$ configuration in eight times ionized xenon, Xe IX

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A capillary light source was used to observe the spectrum of eight times ionized xenon, Xe IX, in the vacuum ultraviolet range, 270 2000 Å. Sixteen transitions have been identified as combinations between energy levels of the $latex 4d^{9}6s$ with $latex 4d^{9}5p$ configuration, and all $latex 4d^{9}6s$ levels have been determined. The present analysis is based on an accurate extrapolation of energy parameters and experimental energy level values in the Pd I isoelectronic sequence. The energy parameters were obtained with Hartree-Fock relativistic calculations. Least squares parametric calculation has been carried out to study the fit between experimental and theoretical values.

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capillary light source
eight times ionized xenon,

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