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A new species of Dasyhelea from Brazilian Amazonas and the description of the male of D. paulistana (Diptera: Ceratopogonidae)


A new species, Dasyhelea pseudopollinosa Díaz & Ronderos sp. nov., is described from Brazil, illustrated and photographed as pupae and male and female adults. The male of D. paulistana Forattini & Rabello, 1957 is described for the first time, and the pupa and female adult are redescribed. Pupae of both species were collected from mats of floating fern leaves (Salviniaceae and Azollaceae) in Brazil and Argentina, and exhibit a respiratory organ which is thick at the base and tapering to a sharp apex, and segment 9 with elongate, slender apicolateral process. Diffe rences between the two species are established, and they are also compared with Nearctic congeners that have the same kind of pupa: D. pollinosa Wirth, 1952, D. traverae Thomsen, 1935, and D. chani Wirth & Linley, 1990.

Palabras clave
pseudopollinosa sp. nov.
D. paulistana

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