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Spectrum of Doubly Ionized Xenon (Xe III)

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The spectrum of doubly ionized xenon has been investigated. The study is based on photographic recordings of xenon spectra in the 490-8900 Å range. The number of classified lines has been increased from about 300 to about 1400. The lines have been classified as transitions between 73 even levels belonging to the $latex 5s^{2}5p^{4} $, $latex 5s^{2}5p^{3}6p $, $latex 4\phi $, $latex 5\phi $ and $latex 5s^{0} 5p^{6} $ configurations, and 83 odd levels belonging to the $latex 5s5p^{5} $, $latex 5s^{2} 5p^{3} 6s$, $latex 7s$, $latex 5d$ and $latex 6d $ configurations. In particular, the classifications include most of the Xe III laser lines. The experimentally observed level structures are compared with the results of Hartree-Fock calculations and least-squares fits. A comparison is also made between the results of the present analysis and the published data on the Xe N$latex_{4,5} OO$ Auger spectrum

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doubly ionized xenon
Xe III laser lines

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