Effect of natamycin on the physicochemical properties of corn starch based films and their effect on Penicillium spp activity


The incorporation of antimicrobials in foods by means of the use of films where they are entrapped collaborates to decrease their diffusion rate. In this work, the physicochemical properties of starch-based films loaded with 1 % wt. natamycin were analyzed, and the antifungal activity of these films was evaluated against Penicillium spp. Variations in the properties of films with 1% natamycin were minimal, leading to the conclusion that this material could be applied to avoid mold development on the surface semi-hard cheeses. Corn starch-based films containing natamycin at 1 % w/w inhibited the Penicillium spp. growth in a solid matrix.

Palabras clave
Starch based films
material properties

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