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Mycorrhizas in Agroecosystems

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The abstract is published online only. If you did not include a short abstract for the online version when you submitted the manuscript, the first paragraph or the first 10 lines of the chapter will be displayed here. If possible, please provide us with an informative abstract. The increasing consideration for more information to better understand agroecosystems and soils under different management has been recognized. The study of surface and deep soil responses to global change and how to enhance the resilience of soil ecosystems is thus urgently recommended. The examination and use of arbuscular mycorrhizas, which link the biotic and soil components providing ecosystem services for crops in the different associated soils, is reviewed. This chapter discusses advances in mycorrhizal fungi potential drawing on recent research worldwide. Studies on mycorrhizas have developed largely; however, the applications of mycorrhizas in agriculture and environmental issues are still incipient, and its limitations are also discussed.

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Mycorrhizal crops-Agriculture-Global change-Farm-Inoculation
Mycorrhizal crops
Global change

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