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Factorization and criticality in finite XXZ systems of arbitrary spin


We analyze ground state (GS) factorization in general arrays of spinss_iwithXXZcouplings immersed in nonuniform fields. It is shown that an exceptionally degenerate set of completely separable symmetry-breaking GS's can arise for a wide range of field configurations, at a quantum critical point where all GS magnetization plateaus merge. Such configurations include alternating fields as well as zero bulk field solutions with edge fields only and intermediate solutions with zero field at specific sites, valid ford-dimensional arrays. The definite magnetization projected GS's at factorization can be analytically determined and depend only on the exchange anisotropies, exhibiting critical entanglement properties. We also show that some factorization compatible field configurations may result in field-induced frustration and nontrivial behavior at strong fields.

Palabras clave
Quantum spin chains
quantum critical points

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