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Vulnerability to Reentry in a 3D Regionally Ischemic Ventricular Slab Preparation, a Simulation Study

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Ventricular tachycardia and ventricular fibrillation are known to be two types of cardiac arrhythmias that usually take place during acute ischemia and frequently lead to sudden death. In this work, we have studied the different patterns of activation displayed in a virtual ventricular slab preparation after premature stimulation during acute ischemia. Furthermore, we also have analyzed the vulnerable window (VW) under such conditions. Influence of the tissue structure and morphology of the ischemic zone have also been considered. For a centered ischemic zone, eight shaped reentry was originated at the mid plane of the slab and the VW was found to be almost the same as for the 2D simulations. Eight shaped reentry were formed in the epicardial surface as the morphology of the ischemic zone changed (the centre of the ischemic zone was moved toward the epicardial surface). These changes also caused a reduction in the VW of a 24% as compared with the centered ischemic zone.

Palabras clave
vulnerable window
virtual ventricular slab

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