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Influence of the Mn content on the kinetics of austempering transformation in compacted graphite cast iron

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Mossbauer spectroscopy has been used to monitor the kinetics of austempering transformation in two compacted graphite (CG) cast irons alloyed with 0.11 and 0.58 wt pct of Mn, respectively. The phase relations were analyzed in terms of the Johnson-Mehl’s equation, determining the kinetics parametersn(time exponent) andk(constant rate of the transformation). The values obtained weren=1.4 andk=7.47 × 10−3s−1for the low-Mn alloy, andn=2.2 andk=3.9×10−3s−1for the high-Mn alloy. These results, which reveal a faster kinetics for the low-Mn alloy, are coherent with metallographic observations, and the driving force obtained through the determination of the austenite carbon concentration that was determined from the Mossbauer data using the Genins model for the Fe-C configurations in the fcc lattice. The kinetics parameters are further compared to those obtained in austempered ductile iron (ADI), by analyzing the graphite morphology influence on the austempering transformation.

Palabras clave
kinetics of austempering transformation
compacted graphite (CG) cast irons

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