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Revised and extended analysis in four times ionized xenon Xe V

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The atomic-emission spectrum of four times ionized xenon (Xe V) has been observed in the region 500–6700 Å; 233 lines were classified as transition between $latex5s5p^{3}$, $latex 5s^{2}5p5d$, $latex5s^{2}5p6s$ with $latex5s^{2}5p^{2}$, $latex 5s^{2}5p6p$ and $latex5s^{2}5p4f$ configurations. Ninty-seven of these lines are reported for the first time. Two new energy level values corresponding to the $latex 5s^{2}5p4f$ configuration have been determined, and we proposed two new values for the previously reported $latex ^{3}D_{1}$ and $latex^{3}G_{5}$ energy levels of this configuration. The value of the $latex 5s^{2}5p6p$ $latex^{1}S_{0}$ energy level has also been determined, and we propose a new value for the previously reported $latex 5s^{2}5p5d$ $latex^{3}F_{4}$ energy level. New adjusted values for the previously known levels of the studied configurations are included. Least-squares fitted parametric calculations involving configuration interactions have been carried out to interpret the observed spectrum.

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atomic-emission spectrum
four times ionized xenon
energy levels

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