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    Cultura del diseño y profesión: reflexiones desde la práctica
    (2023) D'Amico, Enrique
    En este ensayo breve me propongo reflexionar en torno a la práctica profesional de los diseñadores industriales desde un enfoque cultural, poniendo la mirada en aquellos aspectos que están “en torno” a estos sujetos y que son condicionantes en sus maneras de pensar el diseño y pensar (se) como profesionales dentro de una comunidad disciplinar cada vez más diversa. Asimismo, es una invitación a revisar algunos aspectos constitutivos del Diseño, para poner en crísis la visión y los discursos que desarrollamos los diseñadores sobre nuestra propia profesión.
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    Impacts of Cyber Security and Supply Chain Risk on Digital Operations
    (2022) Del Giorgio Solfa, Federico
    The research explored empirical evidence to assess the impact of cyber security and supply chain risk on digital operations in the UAE pharmaceutical industry. Based on responses from 243 personnel working at 14 pharmaceutical manufacturing companies in Dubai, data were examined for normality, instrument validity and regression analysis. Cyber security and SC risk on digital operations were explored by applying convenient sampling and descriptive and analytical research design. The findings validated the significant positive association between cyber security and supply chain risk with digital operations. The research model was developed with three variables evaluated only on the pharmaceutical industry in Dubai. Future research should focus on multiple manufacturing industries by covering a larger geographic area. When suppliers are highly concentrated, customer-focused organizations with uncertain levels of digital transformation could improve their ability to manage supply chain risk by diversifying their clients. Pharmaceutical firms may require a greater focus on technology-based manufacturing firms to build and maintain customer trust. To illustrate how the pharmaceutical industry has explored the relationship between cyber security, supply chain risk and digital operations, the research highlights the significant and convoluted consequences of the relationship model that have not been previously considered.
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    Potamolithus spp. in the Argentine Pampas
    (2020) de Lucía, Micaela; Gutiérrez Gregoric, Diego Eduardo
    The genus Potamolithus is the only native representative of the family Tateidae in South America. Six species of Potamolithus have been recorded from Buenos Aires province, on the Argentinean coasts of the Río de la Plata. These coasts are used for different purposes which could affect species of Potamolithus; however, the actual impact of these threats is unknown. The objective of this project is to know the conservation status of the genus Potamolithus in the Pampean region along the coast of the Río de la Plata. For this, seasonal sampling is being carried out at sites with historical records, providing the first population studies (growth and recruitment) of species in this genus and completing anatomical and molecular descriptions. The Argentinean coast of the Río de la Plata has been greatly altered by people and the invasion of Limnoperna fortunei in recent years, which has made it difficult to find specimens of Potamolithus. On IMG, specimens have been observed at various sites, and growth experiments are being carried out both in situ and in the laboratory. Because of the conchological, anatomical, and genetic analyses, five taxonomic entities are distinguished.
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    Diversity of non-marine mollusks in the southernmost Paranaense forest of the world
    (2023) de Lucía, Micaela; Darrigran, Gustavo; Gutiérrez Gregoric, Diego Eduardo
    The Natural Reserve of Punta Lara (RNPL) is a protected natural area that includes Paranaense forest southernmost in the world. This area is surrounded by a densely populated and touristic sector. The objective of this work was to estimate the richness, diversity and equity of the RNPL mollusks (aquatic and terrestrial) and to establish the relationship of their species in aquatic environments. One sampling per year was carried out between 2013 and 2019. There were 32 species recorded (six are non-native species): 23 gastropods (14 freshwater, nine terrestrial) and nine bivalves. Three species were recorded in all sampling years, while six only on one occasion. The land snail genus Drepanostomella is reported for the first time in that region, and five freshwater species are reported for the first time for the RNPL. The similarity analysis of the freshwater environment separated the coastal environments from the internal environments. The environments with the highest specific richness were in internal sites of the RNPL, while the least diverse was the coast of the Río de la Plata, where the invasive species Limnoperna fortunei predominates. It is recommended to increase the conservation efforts of the different environments of the RNPL continuously threatened by urbanization.
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    Phylogenetic and morphological study of the genus Potamolithus (Truncatelloidea: Tateidae) in hotspots of diversity at the Paranaense Forest, Argentina, with the addition of six new species
    (2021) de Lucía, Micaela; Gonçalves, Isabela Cristina B.; dos Santos, Sonia Barbosa; Collado, Gonzalo A; Gutiérrez Gregoric, Diego Eduardo
    The Atlantic Forest is a highly fragmented biodiversity hotspot, which in Argentina is represented by the Paranaense Forest, covering a wide area of the province of Misiones. In conservation studies, groups of vertebrates, plants and arthropods are generally used together but other invertebrates scarcely used. In the present work, we aim to provide information on new species of freshwater gastropods, from protected and unprotected areas. Specimens were collected in a protected area (Yabotí Biosphere Reserve) and in two unprotected areas (Alba Posse city and Centro de Investigaciones Antonia Ramos -CIAR-). The shell, radula, internal anatomy and the molecular information of the partial sequence of mitochondrial cytochrome c oxidase subunit I (COI) were analysed. The phylogenetic trees were obtained using Maximum Likelihood and Bayesian Inference analyses. Altogether, the anatomical, shell, and genetic studies allow us to differentiate six new species of the genus Potamolithus from the others present in Argentina and the surrounding areas. These new species raise the number of freshwater gastropods for the malacological province Río Uruguay to 64. Three of the new species have been found within a protected area, while other three at unprotected areas. The presence of invasive species, such as Limnoperna fortunei (Dunker 1857) and Melanoides tuberculata (Müller, 1774), as well as the possible creation of a hydroelectric dam, may modify the environment inhabited by the new endemic fauna.